Alliance management

Monitoring the critical success factors in you alliances

Monitoring the critical success factors in you alliances

Experienced alliance managers know that the greatest challenges around generating value from strategic alliances and keeping those partnerships on track revolve around issues such as:

  1. Creating trust between partners
  2. Strategic and tactical alignment between the partners
  3. Alignment of expectations
  4. The management of conflict and disagreements between the partners
  5. The speed and transparency of decision making
  6. Formal and informal communications between the partners
  7. The ability to negotiate win/win solutions
  8. Effective governance mechanisms

Successful alliance managers know that one of the most effective method for monitoring these factors is the regular collection of feedback from both their own staff and partners exploring the attitudes of team members to these factors.

They also know that using a trusted external third party to collect the feedback is far more effective than DIY solutions and ensures that the datasets generated by the monitoring mechanisms are as robust and reliable as possible. This is essential when you are based crucial strategic decisions on the data.

Silico Research has nearly 20 years experience in delivering highly customised feedback collection tools research in the areas of alliance management and business development teams. We have one of the largest database of comparative feedback anywhere.

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If you collect or are planning to collect feedback from alliance partners or business development contacts we can help you generate the most robust and highest value feedback possible.