Helping teams optimise their partner ecosystems and networks

Helping teams optimise their partner ecosystems and networks

A best-in-class optimisation tool for relationship-management teams

The Partners Network and Ecosystem Programme is used by organisations that strive to be best-in-class partners to assess and their performance as a partner. The Programme does this by polling senior executives across their network ecosystem of partnerships, collaborations, alliances and channel partners. Follow on and break-out interviews with a pre-agreed sub-set of participants, including with the survey adverse, round out the assessment and give clients a deep dataset of actionable feedback.

The Programme has been developed over a number of years by Silico Research in collaboration with senior alliance professionals and other leading professional services firms. The survey instrument and interview questions at the core of the Programme is one of the most comprehensive, reliable, assessments available of a company's strengths and weaknesses as a partner. The Programme is customisable to the client's exact requirements.

Going beneath the surface of relationships

A key goal of the programme is to find out how your partners react to and feel about your organisation and your team. For example, do they enjoy working with your team or does your organisation frustrate them? The programme explores your partners' attitudes and motivations when interacting with your organisation to give you a more complete picture of your partnerships and how your partners are likely to behave in the future.

“Alliances are often said to be like marriages. The partners have to understand each other’s expectations, be sensitive to each other’s changes of mood and not be too surprised if their partnership ends in divorce.”

Source: The Economist

The Programme covers the most important partnering skills sets including: the partners' assessment of the company's processes, its culture as a partnering organisation, its technical skills, its staff and, where appropriate, the governance of the alliance.

High response rates through tried and tested methods

Response rates vary from client to client but, because of methods that we have developed to get feedback, we would typically expect multiple responses each from up to 75% of a client's partners - providing a genuinely representative snapshot of partners perception.

Guaranteed confidentiality and anonymity

Silico manages all aspects of the feedback process on behalf of the client and acts as a trusted intermediary between the client and its partners. By ensuring that all data and comments are fully anonymized before they are presented to the client, we enable team members in partner organisations to express themselves truthfully and honestly in a way that they would not otherwise be able to do.

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