Real time feedback

Going beyond the traditional business development and partnering survey

Going beyond the traditional business development and partnering survey

Silico Research's Business Development and Partnering Programme

For nearly 20 years our Programme has been a leading source of insights for business development and alliance management teams.

Over that period we have collected tens of thousands of comments and datapoints from thousands of executives.

The reason why we has maintained its unrivalled position is because we have listened to what executives tell us and evolved to meet emerging challenges.

A changing landscape

The last few years have been a period of major changes in the way that feedback can be collected from people:

Silico's Listening Platform

Silico's Listening Platform deconstructs the traditional survey model to create a new paradigm in getting real-time feedback to support decision-making by executive teams.

The platform enables alliance management, business development, channel management and other teams in organisations to make better decisions by building engagement with employees, partners and other stakeholder groups.

Could do better?

In many circumstances traditional surveys are a great way of collecting feedback. But in some circumstances they are a sub-optimal solution:

The Listening Platform addresses these shortfalls in the traditional survey model.

A new-paradigm in real-time engagement

The Listening Platform allows teams to foster authentic, ongoing relationships with the people they need to connect with:

Offering immediate feedback about important decisions that is:

A rich conversation

The Listening Platform is flexible and responsive.

It is orientated to your goals. At the outset of the engagement the client's goals are broken down into an initial series of questions that are sent to participants by email, text, social media or by phone.

It offers a highly tailored approach. Questions and the means of communication (email, text, social media, etc) is tailored to each specific recipient.

It can be designed around specific trigger events. The questions can be triggered by a particular decision-point or event, for example immediately before or after a meeting.

It gives immediate feedback. The feedback is collated by Silico and shared with the client immediately.

It enables follow-up questions from you arising out of feedback from participants.

Ongoing, iterative and gradual

Once the feedback has been discussed, tailored follow-up questions can be devised and sent to individual participants creating a series of ongoing one-on-one conversations.

Because the respondent is only asked one question at a time,the process is quick and can be completed anywhere: even walking along the street! The platform is ideal for always busy, on-the-move and time-pressured executives in the sector.

No technology, no headaches

The process is completely managed on your behalf by Silico Research.

Because we manage the platform for you, you don't need to invest capital buying software or large periods of time coming to grips with new technology that may, or may not, match the changing needs of your business.

User cases

The platform is highly flexible and can be used in a number circumstances with internal and external stakeholders. For example:

Build deep profiles of key people and teams

As the participants respond to individual questions over weeks and months you build up a detailed profile of their attitudes and opinions.

As a person's profile deepens and as events occur you can generate specific context-rich additional data to help you understand why the person has acted in the way that they have and how they are likely to respond to future developments.

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